Chair that thoughts for You

You are practicing sitting properly.

The highest quality rehabilitation ball, certified - explosion proof, allowing for a larger and flexible support plane.

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1Static support
Pelota (support) allows for stable support and forces the need to engage the lower limbs with proper foot placement.
2Dynamic seat
No effect of "lazy" seat. The ball motivates the user to constantly maintain a good posture of the spine.
3Relief of the spine
Easy to fit into the action - the ball works with us.

• By provoking the user to continually change position, the pressure on the intervertebral discs changes, and some of their values take over the backrest of the chair.
4Healthy legs
Well bloody lower limbs by the ability to reach an angle greater than 90 degrees in the knee joint.
5Feet - stable support
While sitting the seat height is set so that the feet are fully resting against the floor
6Slim thighs and buttocks
Balancing on the ball with active seat shaping
Biceps and four-legged thighs and buttocks.
For whom is S-Ball
for people

working on a computer

working on a computer
for those who have

spine problem

spine problem
for people

caring for health

caring for health
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